Friday, May 20, 2011

In the studio - tools of the trade

My beloved painting cart is 15 years old! In 1996 I was living in NYC working at an art gallery in Soho and painting at night and on the weekends in a little studio in the meat packing district. Miles, my boss built this cart for me in the storage room of the gallery.  I drew a picture of what I wanted and then got the wood cut to size at the local lumber yard on Spring St.  It took Miles about an hour to put it all together.  He was quite the carpenter.  Once complete, I pushed it all the way from West Broadway in Soho to 14th St. and 9th Ave. and then dragged it up the stairs to my studio.  It spent two years in storage while I was in Tokyo.  I missed it dearly!  The plastic Japanese replacement was not as sturdy.  I was happy to have it back when I moved to San Fransisco. 
Painting Cart

My favorite brushes are the cheap bristle brushes you find in the hardware store.  I keep a lot on hand because I use a different brush for each color of paint. They make a nice texture on the surface of the painting.  The brushes are pretty versatile.  I'm able to scrub and get a good dry brush effect or apply smooth glazes.  I also use a couple of different palette knives for texture.  Perfect for the flickering light effect.

River Haze, oil on canvas 24" x 30" -SOLD

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to work!

I'm finally back to work after a two week break.  One week spent visiting family in Texas and the following week spent on home improvement chores.  I was back in the studio on Tuesday putting the finishing touches on a couple of paintings.  I find it's good to leave the paintings and the studio for a while and see if they look finished or need more work when I return.
Today I spent some time adding a page to my website.  It has 8 new 24" x 24" paintings from a series exploring water, reflections and fog.
Summer Pond 2011
Fog Layer 2011
Reduced Visibility 2011